The New Spiritual Awakening

We are living in the midst of a new spiritual awakening. Can you feel it? Have you felt the shift in our collective unconscious?

The pandemic broke something loose, it shattered our false sense of security and gave us all an undeniable lesson in the impermanence of life, the fragility of society. We now have a sense of how easily our way of being – which used to seem solid and unmovable – can crumble to dust.

For some people, this shift is triggering fear and anger. A brief glance at the news or social media provides ample evidence of this reaction.

But for other people, this shattering of the status quo is triggering a spiritual awakening. We don’t hear about this in the news, but we can feel it, if we’re sensitive and paying attention.

I’ve been feeling this for awhile, but I realize it sounds pretty woo-woo, and I do have a vivid imagination, so I’ve kept it to myself. But then I started hearing other people talk about this exact phenomenon. In particular, Matt Kahn’s videos on the new love revolution helped give words to the sensations I’ve been feeling and experiences I’ve been having. He has over 160,000 subscribers on YouTube, so suddenly I am not feeling so alone in these views.

We are on the verge of a radical shift in the evolution of human consciousness, on a scale we haven’t seen since the Enlightenment, when reason displaced religion as the primary organizing force of human society and capitalism rose from the smoking ashes of feudalism as our primary socio-economic-political structure.

In a relatively short amount of time, humanity made rapid, cataclysmic shifts in how we related to each other and structured our societies.

There is precedence in our history for rapid, collective awakening.

Now, in this time of climate crisis, global pandemics, racial inequality, and a rapidly widening wealth disparity, we are facing the limits of advancement made possible by reason and capitalism.

It’s time for another wave of awakening, this time based on Unconditional Love.

We needed to move into our heads to pull ourselves out of the dark ages, we needed to rely solely on reason to break the chains of blind faith to religion that served the interests of the few. Now it’s time to balance reason with love and move our species into the next stage of our evolution. It’s time for a new social organization based on cooperation and the realization of the interdependence of humankind.

The fate of each of us is tied to the fate of all of us, and Unconditional Love is the guiding principle that will lead us to new social structures based on the universal equality of all human life. We will remember how to connect with our hearts, to feel within ourselves the love and connection we seek from the world.

Emptiness will no longer drive us to destructive behaviors, like the insatiable pursuit of money for money’s sake and mindless consumption of plastic-wrapped goods that provide a fleeting sense of pleasure but no lasting satisfaction.

When we are united in our love of humanity, we will intrinsically feel the immorality of exploiting others for our personal gain. We will feel the pain of the damage we are causing to our planet and find imaginative ways to cooperatively address the seemingly insurmountable issues we currently face.

All of the pain in the world, all the fear, suffering, and violence can be traced back to a lack of Unconditional Love. Humans need Unconditional Love, without it, we close our hearts and disconnect from our bodies, each other, nature, and God.

In the absence of Unconditional Love, we go through life feeling alone, isolated. We see the world as a cold, uncaring place full of people taking advantage of each other. The wounds we accumulate during life, as well as the resulting sadness, fear, and anger that we repress instead of express – all of these factors further isolate us from love. We learn to harden our hearts, to wrap ourselves in a protective shell to prevent further pain. But this protective shell also prevents us from feeling Unconditional Love.

We can learn to cultivate Unconditional Love, starting with love for ourselves, and spreading to love for our friends, neighbors, communities, and eventually all of humanity, even those people whose actions oppose our values.

I speak from personal experience. I recently experienced Unconditional Love, with guidance from a healer at a breathwork retreat in the foothills of the Rockies. My heart was filled with love for myself and all humanity. The sensation lasted for weeks and filled me with hope for our future. (Watch this video for a discussion of that experience: Experiencing Unconditional Love.)

I felt, in my bones, the power of Unconditional Love to heal our wounds and connect with our hearts and with each other. But I was aware of how crazy this sounded, so I kept it to myself, until I came across Matt Kahn’s videos about Unconditional Love, and found someone else speaking about the same experiences I have felt myself. Suddenly, it felt very real, I no longer felt quite so crazy in thinking Unconditional Love is the answer we so desperately need.

Unconditional Love is our path to reconnect with our hearts, each other, and the planet.

Tune in next week for a discussion of how we can cultivate Unconditional Love and join in this new awakening.

(Check out this video to learn more about this New Spiritual Awakening and Unconditional Love.)

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