Matthew Busse

Hello my name is Matt 😊. After spending the first half of my life in science, I’m savoring the opportunity to express the beauty that surrounds us through my artistic passions. The wonder of nature has always soothed my soul and filled my heart, and recently I’ve been attempting to capture the awe-inspiring grandeur of the natural world through photography.

Writing has long been a comfortable form of expression for me, as a wallflower-weirdo type. I flirted with a career in freelance science writing, covering science topics for newspapers and magazines. But the universe took me down a different path, and it wasn’t until I began writing for Elephant Journal that I embraced writing as a form of self-expression, particularly expressing the full range of emotions we’re all conditioned to repress.

Music has been a part of my life since fifth grade, when I began playing trombone, following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. While I had many wonderful experiences playing in bands in schools through college, it wasn’t until I switched to the bass guitar and singing that I found the magic of music to express feelings in ways words cannot. Singing in public is also a path for me to grow out of my fear of expressing myself in front of others.

Music (rough recordings on my personal website)

Matthew’s Recent Posts:

A Simple Practice to Break through the Protective Shell around our Hearts

In our last post: A Simple Practice to Discover how Deeply you Love Yourself, we discussed the struggle many of us face in loving ourselves. The simple act of looking at ourself in the mirror and saying “I love you” is often challenging, because the concept of unconditionally loving ourselves, exactly as we are, isContinue reading “A Simple Practice to Break through the Protective Shell around our Hearts”

A Simple Practice to Discover how Deeply you Love Yourself

When we struggle to love ourselves, all of our other relationships – romantic, familial, friendly – will be troubled as well. Here is a free, simple practice to help us assess our relationship with our own heart. No, it’s not an online questionnaire with a bunch of multiple-choice answers that never quite express the nuancesContinue reading “A Simple Practice to Discover how Deeply you Love Yourself”


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