Weekly Schedule

Abbey of the Redwoods weekly in-person activities: (click on arrow to see a description)

Monday – Meditation Conversation – 6pm

An interfaith exploration of meditation and mindfulness. Drawing from a wide range of traditions including Buddhism, Christian Mysticism, Vedanta, Zen, and Taoism, as well as insights from psychology and cognitive science, this weekly conversation will provide guidance for integrating the healing wisdom of meditation and mindful self-examination into your modern life.

Tuesday – Yoga: Mellow Vinyasa Flow – 6pm

Join us for a rejuvenating, mellow flow. Based on vinyasa, this practice will guide you to connect and gently move your body, before settling into a restorative, heart-opening finish.

Wednesday – TBA

Thursday – Open Mic – 7pm (Coming Soon!!)

Friday – Yoga: Expansive Flow – 6pm

Cultivate peace through breath, movement, and meditation. Move through an invigorating sequence to raise energy. Join your community in a heart-opening practice.

Saturday – Jospeh Campbell Society Seminars – 2pm (Coming Soon!!)

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