Where Critical Race Theory and Critical ACE Theory Intersect

If we, as a society, are unable to accept the fact that there are consequences to our actions – specifically those actions that do harm to others – then we are doomed to be overrun by damaged people. Like the mob that stormed Congress on Jan 6 in an attempt to overthrow our government. ManContinue reading “Where Critical Race Theory and Critical ACE Theory Intersect”

Meditation on Hope vs Faith

The Smiles of the Bathers The smiles of the bathers fade as they leave the water,And the lover feels sadness fall as it ends, as he leaves his love.The scholar, closing his book as the midnight clock strikes, is hollowand old:The pilot’s relief on landing is no release.These perfect and private things, walling us in,Continue reading “Meditation on Hope vs Faith”

The Hills Had Caves

indians lived in those cavesout behind the farmhouse,their artifacts trickle outwith each new generationexploring the cool dark,carrying big sticks &fierce imaginationson their bear hunts timid beasts,those black bears,bold only for the brief runof salmon berrydown along the creek one winter the snow meltedand then froze again,leaving a face on the sideof the cliff.was it aContinue reading “The Hills Had Caves”