The Heartbeat of God

The Heartbeat of God

when the veil between the worlds thins

as light fades into dark
and God’s heartbeat pulses through the sky

Ma-le’l Dunes 6-9-21

After my online Meditation Conversation on Thursday, I saw some intriguing clouds on the horizon as I was driving home. I had just enough time to stop at hope, grab my camera and jackets, and zip down to Ma-le’l Dunes. Boy was I in for a treat 😊 A cloud formation to the north overContinue reading “Ma-le’l Dunes 6-9-21”

Sunset on the Lake

I’m back at my family’s summer cottage on Lake Lucerne in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. My favorite activity here is to float in a kayak in the middle of the lake and watch the fading sunset light up the clouds. More Heartbeat of God

Clam Beach Vista 3-6-21

Clam Beach Vista, Humboldt County, CA 3-6-21 Just a few photos, the show this night was less visibly specular, but no less magical. A huge line of birds flew past! More Heartbeat of God

Arcata Forest 2-28-21

My first hike in Arcata Community Forest, Humboldt County, CA 2-28-21 And a few pics of sunset from the nearby ridge.

Ma-le’l Dunes 2-21-21

Ma-le’l Dunes, Humboldt County, CA 2-21-21 Lots of heavy clouds… I wasn’t sure what the sunset would be like. Then the clouds erupted in pink and purple… And here’s a bonus image from a few days previous – stormy clouds… More Heartbeat of God


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