Heart-Centered Living

A collection of videos on a single topic related to living from the heart and embracing love.

Why People are acting like Animals and What We can Do to Act like Rational Human Beings

There is a simple explanation for why the world is crazy right now. The pandemic has increase everyone’s stress, and stress hormones shut down the prefrontal cortex. Stress hormones reduce our ability to think rationally, which causes us to act like animals. Conscious breathing is one approach to physically calm the nervous system, reduce stress…

Loving the World, One Smile at a Time

Loving the world and everyone in it may seem like a daunting shift in perspective. We can start one smile at a time. Watch the rest of the conversation in Embracing Love 10-14-21. More Heart-Centered Living

A Path of Love

Love can be a path to transform our lives and change the world. Learn more in this homily given at Grace Good Shepherd Church / Abbey of the Redwoods on 9-26-21. You can watch the full service here: Sunday Worship Service 9-26-21 Sign up for the weekly Embracing Love Zoom meetings here: Embracing Love Zoom…

Love as a New Spiritual Paradigm

One new spiritual paradigm is a path based solely on love: loving ourselves, loving our lives, and loving the world. Watch the rest of the conversation in Embracing Love 9-9-21. More Heart-Centered Living

The Next Step on Your Journey

What if the next step on your journey is much simpler than you think? Here is a different way to think about your healing/spiritual/self-realization journey. Watch the rest of the conversation in Embracing Love 9-2-21. More Heart-Centered Living

Embracing Uncertainty

A discussion of these unsettling times and guidance to help embrace the uncertainty. Watch the rest of the conversation in Embracing Love 8-26-21. More Heart-Centered LivingHeart-Centered Living

A Heart-Centered Perspective on Karma, Heaven, and Hell

At the root of our karma is the beliefs we hold about ourselves. Here we discuss loving ourselves to improve our karma and how karma relates to Heaven and Hell. Watch the rest of the conversation in Embracing Love 8-19-21. More Heart-Centered Living

How to Love all the Crazies out There

One obvious obstacle to cultivating unconditional love for the world is the challenge of loving all the angry, screaming people out there, especially when they’re screaming something we disagree with. But love is still the answer. Watch the rest of the discussion from the Meditation Conversation on 8-12-21 More Mindful Living

Forget Detachment – All You Need is Love

The Buddhist idea of Detachment is so often misunderstood that the word itself has become problematic. Fortunately, we don’t need to understand detachment, all we need is Love. Watch the rest of the discussion in the Meditation Conversation on 8-12-21. More Mindful Living

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