The New Spiritual Awakening

We are living in the midst of a new spiritual awakening. Can you feel it? Have you felt the shift in our collective unconscious? The pandemic broke something loose, it shattered our false sense of security and gave us all an undeniable lesson in the impermanence of life, the fragility of society. We now haveContinue reading “The New Spiritual Awakening”

Ma-le’l Dunes 6-9-21

After my online Meditation Conversation on Thursday, I saw some intriguing clouds on the horizon as I was driving home. I had just enough time to stop at hope, grab my camera and jackets, and zip down to Ma-le’l Dunes. Boy was I in for a treat 😊 A cloud formation to the north overContinue reading “Ma-le’l Dunes 6-9-21”

Where the Buffalo Roam

“The buffaloes are gone. And those who saw the buffaloes are gone.” -Carl Sandburg The Daniels Park Wilderness Conservation Area, a little ways south of Denver, has restored a herd of Bison. These beasts were grazing really close to the fence. Being this close, it’s easy to understand why these majestic animals were revered. TheirContinue reading “Where the Buffalo Roam”

The Value of Open Dialogue

During Part 2 of our seminar on Celtic Christianity last Saturday, near the end of the discussion I made an offhand generalization about Trump supporters. Another participant civilly and respectfully offered a different opinion. While I internally chided myself for bringing politics into the discussion, I was glad that other person spoke their mind, andContinue reading “The Value of Open Dialogue”