A Fundamental Difference between Eastern and Western Spirituality

Many Western religions, including Christianity, are based on a core belief that existence is a struggle between Good and Evil. In contrast, many Eastern religions, such as Hinduism, have at their core a belief in a cycle of creation, existence, and dissolution. Excerpted from the Meditation & Mindfulness Class on March 4th, 2021. More Mindful Living

The Value of an Interfaith Approach to Spirituality

Religion and spirituality are like ice cream: we all love ice cream (well, most of us), but we all enjoy different flavors. Some people like chocolate, some enjoy vanilla, while others relish rocky road. There’s no right or wrong flavor of ice cream, just different personal preferences. Here at the Abbey of the Redwoods, weContinue reading “The Value of an Interfaith Approach to Spirituality”

The Hindu Worldview of Life as a Drama

A discussion on the view of reality in which the physical world is one big drama, like a play or movie, with God playing all of the parts. Each one of us is a manifestation of God who choses to forget our divine nature in order to experience a physical existence. Excerpted from the MeditationContinue reading “The Hindu Worldview of Life as a Drama”