Cruciformity: Cruciform Theology, Christology, and Reciprocal Kenosis

Part 1: The Strangeness of the Particular ___________________________________________________ “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation For by Him all things were created, both in heaven and on earth“ – Colossians 1:15-16 ___________________________________________________ The Christian faith is deeply strange. And certainly, given that it is an outpouring of human imaginationContinue reading “Cruciformity: Cruciform Theology, Christology, and Reciprocal Kenosis”

Meditation on Hope vs Faith

The Smiles of the Bathers The smiles of the bathers fade as they leave the water,And the lover feels sadness fall as it ends, as he leaves his love.The scholar, closing his book as the midnight clock strikes, is hollowand old:The pilot’s relief on landing is no release.These perfect and private things, walling us in,Continue reading “Meditation on Hope vs Faith”

Embracing Love for our Experience: Loving Negative Emotions

Embracing Love, Part 2 Last week we discussed Embracing Love for Ourselves: Overcoming Guilt and Shame as the first step in embracing Love and joining in the New Spiritual Awakening that is rippling through humanity. We’ll talk more about loving ourselves in the future, but if we’re struggling to love the current experience we areContinue reading “Embracing Love for our Experience: Loving Negative Emotions”

Embracing Love for Ourselves: Overcoming Guilt and Shame

Embracing Unconditional Love, Part 1 Last week in our post on the New Spiritual Awakening, we discussed the wave of awakening that is rippling through humanity, a rebirth of consciousness based on Unconditional Love. I gushed on and on about the wonders of Love and the hope it brings for humanity. But you might beContinue reading “Embracing Love for Ourselves: Overcoming Guilt and Shame”

The New Spiritual Awakening

We are living in the midst of a new spiritual awakening. Can you feel it? Have you felt the shift in our collective unconscious? The pandemic broke something loose, it shattered our false sense of security and gave us all an undeniable lesson in the impermanence of life, the fragility of society. We now haveContinue reading “The New Spiritual Awakening”

The Hills Had Caves

indians lived in those cavesout behind the farmhouse,their artifacts trickle outwith each new generationexploring the cool dark,carrying big sticks &fierce imaginationson their bear hunts timid beasts,those black bears,bold only for the brief runof salmon berrydown along the creek one winter the snow meltedand then froze again,leaving a face on the sideof the cliff.was it aContinue reading “The Hills Had Caves”

The Value of Open Dialogue

During Part 2 of our seminar on Celtic Christianity last Saturday, near the end of the discussion I made an offhand generalization about Trump supporters. Another participant civilly and respectfully offered a different opinion. While I internally chided myself for bringing politics into the discussion, I was glad that other person spoke their mind, andContinue reading “The Value of Open Dialogue”

Why I’m excited to learn about Celtic Christianity

I was raised Lutheran, my parents dragged me to church every Sunday. The dominant feeling I remember from church was one of boredom – endless hours of reciting words and singing hymns that held no meaning to me. It just felt empty. So when I left home for college, I stopped going to church andContinue reading “Why I’m excited to learn about Celtic Christianity”

The Value of an Interfaith Approach to Spirituality

Religion and spirituality are like ice cream: we all love ice cream (well, most of us), but we all enjoy different flavors. Some people like chocolate, some enjoy vanilla, while others relish rocky road. There’s no right or wrong flavor of ice cream, just different personal preferences. Here at the Abbey of the Redwoods, weContinue reading “The Value of an Interfaith Approach to Spirituality”