The Evolution of Feelings

Feelings evolved to guide us towards “good” behaviors and away from “bad” behaviors. But the definition of “good” and “bad” has changed over time, meaning sometimes our feelings no longer serve our best interests. Watch the rest of the conversation in the Meditation Conversation on 6-3-21. More Mindful Living

How we Lose Touch with our Hearts

Growing up, most of us experience wounds and traumas that teach us to close our hearts and protect ourselves. We develop a protective shell, to shield us from pain, but this also prevents us from hearing our hearts. Watch the rest of the conversation in the Meditation & Mindfulness Conversation on 4-22-21. More Meditation &Continue reading “How we Lose Touch with our Hearts”

A Conversation instead of a Class

These discussions began as “classes” about Meditation & Mindfulness, but over time they are evolving into a conversation instead. We don’t need any more spiritual teachers in the world, there are plenty, all of these topics have been taught into the ground. What we need now are conversations about how to apply the teachings toContinue reading “A Conversation instead of a Class”