A Lesson from Suffering in Creating my Reality

An episode of personal suffering opened my eyes to the how our subconscious minds create the story of our reality. Watch the rest of the conversation in Embracing Love 9-23-21. Here is the first part of the story mentioned above: Finding Meaning in Suffering More Heart-Centered Living

Finding Meaning in Suffering

We can endure any amount of suffering if we can find meaning in it – paraphrased from Viktor Frankl. Here is a personal example of finding meaning in a time of suffering. Watch the rest of the conversation in Embracing Love 9-23-21. Here’s a link to the Matt Kahn video mentioned above: The Apathy ofContinue reading “Finding Meaning in Suffering”

How to Love all the Crazies out There

One obvious obstacle to cultivating unconditional love for the world is the challenge of loving all the angry, screaming people out there, especially when they’re screaming something we disagree with. But love is still the answer. Watch the rest of the discussion from the Meditation Conversation on 8-12-21 More Mindful Living

How Loving Ourselves Helps Us Make Better Choices

Do you ever feel haunted by compulsive, self-defeating behaviors? These can range from obviously self-destructive patterns of alcohol or drug abuse to more subtly unhealthy relationships with food, people, work, or even exercise. All too often, we’re faced with a temptation to indulge in some type of instant gratification that we know – deep downContinue reading “How Loving Ourselves Helps Us Make Better Choices”